Tuesday, April 29, 2014

About me

Name: Kong Wenjing
Matric Number: 213171
STID 1013
Group: B

Friday, March 28, 2014

Brahma Palace

we visited the magnificent Brahma Palace. 
The entry ticket is included in the trip package 
so I'm not sure how much does it cost, maybe around RM200.
The floor and wall are made of marble, 
so we had to wear clothes shoes to cover our shoes so that it will not scratch the marble.
The cost of building this palace is 14 billions, but it generates 10 billions per year for China's economy.
So this is definitely a good earning for China!
Everything is breathlessly beautiful inside the Palace. 
even the toilet is so luxury like a hotel's toilet!

Buddha Hand

We ride the mini car to explore around the place of Buddha palace.
Notice the huge Buddha hand? yes it is very very huge!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Long Jing Tea

We went to a tea village! 
There are many processes in cooking tea! Now i know they have to cook it thrice, which is why there are three cooking pot shown in the pictures!
and there are so many grades of tea, grade A, AA and AAA. 
Of course the grade AAA is the most expensive!
They introduced the Long Jing Tea to us, 
the tea that royals used to drink in China in the past.
although now everyone can drink it, yet the price is quite expensive. 
it cost few hundreds for 500g!
Anyway, Long Jing is a type of green tea, 
but its' from China and from higher quality so the price is so expensive.
They are taught us to eat the tea leaves, 
and i find it pretty nice to chew the tea leaves.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Another ship riding trip again
this time is at the West Lake!
There are willow trees and blossoming flowers around the lake.
The ship is also very special, although not big, but the shape is with a dragon head and tail.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Lei Feng Tower

Lei Feng Tower (as translated from Chinese) is the tower 
which the white snake is jailed by the monk Fa Hai.
This tower has a story of whereby a snake monster 
which turns into a lady named the White Lady who met a man named Xu Xian 
and they get married. 
Later a monk named Fa Hai came and told Xu Xian that his wife is a monster 
and gave him a wine to test his wife.
Although Xu Xian doubt the monk, 
yet he let his wife drank the wine and she turned into a snake. 
The monk then captured the weaken White Lady who turned into a snake 
and jailed her in the Lei Feng Tower.


Pretty flowers in China!
there are even Cherry Blossoms!
Feel like in Japan eh? :D